Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hello dear ones.
If you’re reading this, you are special to us.
Perhaps you are a family member, beloved and dear to our hearts, who are “holding the ropes” in so many ways. You may be a long-time friend who has come to check up on these two girls on the other side of the globe. Maybe you’re an acquaintance who got wind of this “crazy” adventure and are here to find out more. Perhaps you are a “stranger” and just stumbled across this with a click and are reading on out of curiousity.
Whoever you are, we are grateful for you.
It is our prayer that what you might read here would be something that you recognize. As you read the story that is being penned here, it is our hope that you see that some of these fingerprints are from the same Hand that is writing your story.
In a matter of hours, this little corner of the web will begin its intended purpose – to keep our beloved family and “fellow workers in the truth” updated on what the Lord is doing under an African sky for these few months. We hope to chronicle a unique journey to the Sudan with the prayer that you might be inspired to lift up our brothers and sisters of the Cush4Christ team in prayer, see the Almighty’s hand in a new way, and be encouraged in your own advancement of His Kingdom where you are.
This blog is titled “73 Days of Rain.” Rain has been a particular favorite, as it has come to mean so many things to us lately – particularly in reference to God’s grace being poured out upon our lives. The analogy has far reaching implications for this trip and for our entire lives as we seek to live in light of His glorious gospel. Psalm 72:6 says, “May He be like rain that falls on the mown grass, like showers that water the earth!” It is our prayer that the effects of Christ will be lasting and fruitful.
Rain is a gift, and just as God gives physical rain to dry ground, it is our prayer that we might be bearers of that spiritual grace to those that we meet as a reminder that every good gift and every perfect gift comes from Above.
Rain is necessary, and may God continue to build utter dependence upon Him as we continue to step out in faith into this mission field for a time, knowing that it is only through Jesus Christ ALONE that any good will come.
Rain is growing, and may we be changed and conformed more into the image of His Son through the variety of circumstances that we will encounter.
Rain is refreshing, and may God work through our feeble efforts to envigorate and encourage these dear saints in the Sudan, as He continues to refresh our own souls with His presence.
“O how pleasant are the effects of rain to languishing plants, to make them green and beautiful, lively and strong, fragrant and beautiful! So the effects of Christ’s influences are most desirable to drooping souls, for enlightening and enlivening them, for confirming and strengthening them, for comforting and enlarging them, for appetizing and satisfying them, transforming and beautifying them…” (John Willison, quoted by Spurgeon)

We’re going to be gone for 72 days this summer. The extra day is to symbolize that we are eagerly expecting how God will work on the day AFTER we return… and every single day following for the rest of our lives.
We look forward to sharing bits of this adventure with you.
With love,
Beth & Laurie
*As our Internet access in the Sudan will be scarce, the management of this blog is being done by our family members in the States. Please continue to email us, however… we would greatly appreciate hearing from you and will reply as we able.
**For those of you who would like to receive updates via email, please send the request to me and you will be added to the list.